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Honey, nature's treasure!

Chrisomelo sweetens our daily routine with its taste and its nutritional value filling us up with energy. You can include Chrisomelo in your diet and feel as honeyed as our products are.

Τα νέα μας

Why choosing Chrisomelo?

icon ethos2 Morals
Personal moral idiosyncrasy characterize every member and executive member of Chrisomelo Company. Our integrity is undisputable due to our professional eager for our products and our flawless service of our colleagues.
icon apostoli2 Target
Τhe production of innovative, high quality and popular apicultural products, thus presenting all the uses and benefits of honey for human body.
icon orama2 Vision
Our goal as a company is double. We aim Chrisomelo to provide the best honey products in Greek market and branding its name with quality and reliability. We aim also expanding in international markets launching our products and being a key player to high quality honey market.

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