Homemade brittle (candy with nuts) with Chrisomelo

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It’s true fact that brittle is a stimulant snack appropriate for every moment of the day. It’s a very qualitative choice for children instead of chocolate and other sweets with sugar. Brittle is a strengthening and fast solution for those who work many hours a day and don’t have time to eat properly. It has large life expectancy and its roots come from Homer’s Iliad.
- 500 gr floral or orange honey Chrisomelo
- 500 gr sesame
- 1 cup rose water
- 50 gr. raw white almonds

Brown the sesame and almonds in a pan for 3-4 minutes. In a stew pan add the honey to warm up for 10 minutes until it liquidized.
Blend this with sesame and almonds, stir until the mush gets thick.
In a baking pan unfold a baking paper and pour over the rose water. You can powder it with lightly roasted sesame.
Push the mush with wet hands to avoid small gaps and spread it (with a small oily rolling pin) to be 1 cm thick. Leave the baking pan to rest for 15 minutes until the mush gets cold.
Cut the brittle into bars when is ready.
Inscribe the bars with an oily knife and make whatever pattern you like. Separate the bars and preserve them in a cool place (not in the refrigerator)

Extra tip:
If you want to eat the brittle another time you can put the bars in an airtight jar. Make sure that you place a baking paper between each bar so as you can separate them easily afterwards.

  time cook merides difficulty  
  29 minutes 15 portions Difficulty 1/5  




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